In “The Night of Bronze” … the crying of Marwan Mohsen stirs the feelings of Egyptians


A state of intense sympathy prevailed among the Egyptian football fans in general and the Al-Ahly club on social media with the star of the team Marwan Mohsen, who had no luck in taking the third penalty for Al-Ahly during the match for third and fourth place in the FIFA Club World Cup.

A picture appeared of Marwan Mohsen kneeling with his head down, after the team’s goalkeeper Mohamed El-Shenawy succeeded in blocking the last penalty kick and winning the match.

Despite his colleagues scrambling to celebrate the victory, Marwan remained sad, prompting the pioneers of social networking sites to launch a hashtag entitled “Support Marwan Mohsen.”

The player of the first team in the Egyptian Al-Ahly club, Mohamed Magdy Afsha, interacted greatly with the “hashtag”, supported his teammate, and posted on his official page on the “Instagram” site, saying: “I swear to God, a great shame, you will watch and break the world, God willing, my brother.” “.

Moamen Zakaria, a former Al-Ahly player, tried in his own way to support the player and published a picture of Marwan Mohsen on his knees, only writing the player’s name to support him.

The Egyptian artist, Karim Fahmy, entered the line of support for Marwan Mohsen, saying: “As long as you are a player in the Al-Ahly system, I will support you and against any prejudice or bullying, but you have to exceed Al-Ahly fans in Dahr. Anybody wears the team’s jersey until he takes it off.”

Frequent attack

Marwan Mohsen has been facing for long periods of time a massive public and media attack, and the situation has reached some sports analysts, asking Al-Ahly to need to lend him or sell him permanently on the grounds that he is a not good attacker, which prompted his father to appear in the media more than once to defend his son and demand that analysts stop Hurt him with those words.

It is noteworthy that Marwan Mohsen succeeded in obtaining with Al-Ahly Club of Egypt all the tournaments in which he participated this season, which are the League, Cup and CAF Champions League tournaments.

He also participated with the Egyptian national team in the 2017 and 2019 African Cup of Nations tournaments, and participated with the Egyptian national team in the World Cup in Russia in 2018.

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