In numbers: Omar Al Somah is Al Shabab’s top scorer, and Al-Ahly is a superhero


Syrian Omar Al-Somah, Al-Ahly striker, seeks to continue his position as a historic target for Al-Ahly and Al-Shabab clashes during the match that will bring the two teams together this evening, Monday, in the matches of the twentieth round of the Saudi Professional League Football competition.

It hosts a team Young His Al-Ahly counterpart, at half past seven on Monday, in Classico Saudi League At Prince Khalid Bin Sultan Stadium in Al Shabab Club, in the 20th round of the Mohammed Bin Salman Cup League competitions. “Saudi Professional League“Al-Shabab is at the top of the Saudi League table with 38 points, while Al-Ahly is in third place with 35 points and a difference of only 3 points, which means if it wins, it will rise to the top of the standings and share the top youth.

Omar Al-Somah participated in 11 confrontations in the “Clasico” between Al-Ahly and Al-Shabab, during which he scored 10 goals, followed by Amin Dabo and Talal Al-Mashaal, each with 8 goals, followed by Nasser Al-Shamrani with seven goals..

With Al-Somah scoring superior in Al-Ahly and Al-Shabab clashes, he did not score any goal in the last six matches that brought the team together; He missed two of the six matches due to injury, while he participated in the other four matches without being able to break into the “Al-Liouth” den.

Al-Somah is considered the main striker of Al-Ahly team, but his team managed to score ten goals in the six matches in which the Syrian star missed, whose last goal against Al-Shabab returns to the month of October of 2017 when he scored two goals in a match that Al-Ahly decided in his favor with five goals against Two goals.

The records of the Al-Ahly and Al-Shabab confrontation indicate that the 11 matches Omar Al-Somah participated in, Al-Ahly only knew the taste of losing twice, as Al-Ahly won 5 confrontations and 4 meetings ended in a draw.

Omar Al-Somah is currently suffering from a decline in his goal-scoring rate, a suffering that is likely to be exacerbated in the absence of the professional Mitrita from participating in the match, as Al-Somah depends on Mitrita to supply him with balls that help him score..

Al-Ahly and Al-Shabab have met 24 previous matches in the professional league since the start of the 2008-2009 season. Al-Ahly and Al-Shabab won for each of them in 8 matches and attended a draw in 8 matches..

Al-Ahly club scored 39 goals against Al-Shabab, while Al-Shabab scored 31 goals against Al-Ahly, and Syrian Omar Al-Somah was the top scorer for the two teams with 10 goals, and the striker Nasser Al-Shamrani came second with 6 goals. Confrontations and a tie was attended by 5 matches, and Al-Shabab won two matches. Al-Ahly scored 16 goals against Al-Shabab in Jeddah, while Al-Shabab scored 12 goals against Al-Ahly Club..


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