In intensive care .. Developments in the health of the artist Youssef Shaban


Actress Nihal Anbar, a member of the Syndicate of Theatrical Professions, denied that artist Youssef Shaban put on a ventilator due to complications from his infection with the Coronavirus.

Amber said that Shaaban (89 years) does not need artificial respiration, especially that his oxygen level was not less than 94%, indicating that his condition is the same since he entered the intensive care unit, on Tuesday, according to what was reported by the local newspaper, Al-Youm Al-Sabea.

Youssef Shaaban was transferred to the intensive care room in Al-Agouza Hospital, on Tuesday, after he was in a hospital in the Dokki neighborhood and conducted a corona swab to know the stage of infection with the virus.

Youssef Shaaban in lines

Youssef Shaaban Shamis was born on July 16, 1931, in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, and coincidence played an important role in his entry into the artistic community, as his family wished to join the military academy like his cousins ​​or the police academy like his cousins.

Youssef Shaaban did not strive to fulfill his family’s desire, and preferred to join the Faculty of Law at Ain Shams University, and the circumstances wanted him to meet the talented Karam Muta’a, and a strong friendship arose between them and was affected by the personality of his friend a lot, and little by little related to the art of acting, and he responded to the advice of his friend who lover of art, and joined the acting group At the university.

The love of art turned into a great passion, and so he left rights, joined the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, and started drawing his own path.

Youssef Shaaban started working in cinema a year before graduating from the Institute of Theatrical Arts, when director Barakat nominated him to participate in the movie “In Our House is a Man” produced in 1961, and this film included a large group of acting stars such as: Rushdi Abaza, Omar Sharif, Hassan Youssef, and so He achieved great success, and he caught the attention of production companies for the birth of a new face.

Youssef Shaaban’s work continued after that, until his production on the cinema reached 110 films, including: “Alley Al-Midaq, Darb Al-Jadaan, Miramar, and Remember Me, and the bullet is still in my pocket, Al-Tarid, and My Marat is General Manager.

He also achieved great success in television drama, and participated in the championship of 130 series, most notably: “Al-Mal and Al-Banun, The Stray Light, Shahd and Tears, Layali Al-Helmy, and Raafat Al-Hagan.”

He also participated in 50 theatrical productions, and thanks to his good reputation and artistic value, he was elected as captain of Egyptian actors from 1997 to 2003.

On the level of personal life, Youssef Shaaban married 3 times, and the first was from the artist Laila Taher in 1963, and the separation took place after 4 years and this marriage did not produce children, then he married Nadia Ismail, the daughter of Princess Fawzia, the sister of King Farouk, and gave birth to his daughter Sinai, and this marriage did not continue. Only two years ago, and the third and last time was from a Kuwaiti woman named Iman Al-Shariaan, and she was blessed with “Zainab and Murad.”


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