IATA launches a Coronavirus travel permit in March amid deteriorating aviation sector


International Federation announced For air transport (IATA) that it intends to launch a travel permit for Covid-19 by the end of March, to activate a digital system for the results of examinations and vaccination certificates, which will help facilitate travel.

He noted a deterioration in expectations Airlines On his estimates issued in December, he said that he now expects the liquidity drain in the sector to continue until the fourth quarter of the year, in light of the tightening of travel restrictions.

Etihad raised its forecast for the total liquidity consumption of airlines for 2021 to between $ 75 and $ 95 billion, up from the $ 48 billion forecast in December.

While many countries have begun to distribute Vaccines To tackle the emerging corona virus, the emergence of faster-spreading strains of the virus in countries such as Britain, Brazil and South Africa have forced many governments to ban unnecessary travel.

Next summer will be crucial for many airlines and holiday operators struggling to survive after nearly a year with little to no revenue due to pandemic restrictions. Many of them will need additional funds after their cash reserves are depleted.

Britain’s Heathrow airport said today, Wednesday, that it lost 2 billion pounds in 2020 and that digital medical checks have become essential to the recovery of international travel.



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