“I went to consolation in attractive clothes” … an embarrassing situation in the life of Nabila Obeid


Sunday February 28, 2021 01:51 AM

The actress Nabila Obeid was embodying her role in the movie “And I fell in the sea of ​​honey” when the news of the death of her grandfather came to her mother, and she rushed as soon as she learned the news to take her car to Tanta, and tears were falling from her eyes without stopping, while the car started looting the land on its way to Cairo.The car was running at a frightening speed in an attempt by Nabila to catch up with the grandmother’s funeral, and a traffic policeman drew her attention while he was running behind her car forcefully, and signaled to her to stop, so she stopped to say to her: “You give me, Madame Nabila, and she replied: My grandfather died, O Shawish, so the policeman continued: Medicine Is this a reason for you to drive at such speed? She replied: I want to drive before they bury him, so the policeman continued: With these clothes .. unreasonable. ”

Here, Nabila Obeid realized that she had not changed her clothes, and was wearing seductive clothes that fit the role she was playing in the movie before she was surprised by the news of the death of her grandfather, who was running a large farm before his death.

Source : World News: “I went to consolation in attractive clothes.” … An embarrassing situation in the life of Nabila Obaid


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