I am the strongest female role in prestige … and they don’t love me (video)


Actress Nicole Saba released fiery statements revealing much of her experience in the second part of the series “prestige”, in an interview within the “confrontation” program on the screen of theLBCI And Voice of Beirut International, where she said: “On the other hand, Somaya’s role was the strongest role for women in all parts of prestige.”“.

Saba confirmed that she had agreed with the producer, Sadiq Al-Sabah, to participate in the championship of the second and third parts, pointing out that she had received many promises from the Lebanese producer that this experience would be a good opening and a key to many opportunities..

She added, “But, unfortunately, from the beginning, I worked to break my oaths, either by highlighting my presence in the work poster or even by teaser.“.

And she continued: “In fact, they all do not love me, and I am not interested in it. Fadl for me, but they have to respect my experience, effort, and work that follows I did, especially since I consider the role of Sumaya to be the strongest role for women in all parts of prestige, and I say this at the top of the roof and conclude the topic.”“.

And she added: “Nicole is not a scapegoat, I was disappointed and it was not that. Sadiq Al-Sabah knows very well that I have been wronged and agrees with me. I consider that I succeeded in the second part, and satisfied with what I presented, but there are question marks, and with respect to the history of the company, I was sad and did not deserve it.” Oh, I want the walls to speak and hear promises of future and stardom works“.

She noted that the Syrian star, Tim Hassan, is not the intended point of her words, as he has nothing to do with everything that happened, according to her expression.

She continued: “What follows they support from them is better than me, with something they have a quarter of the way. Next, I institutionalize 75% of it.”“.

Nicole Saba arranged the parts of prestige, beginning with the best, so she considered that the first part tops, followed by the fourth part in which Dima Kandalaft participated, in front of the second part, and finally the third part, whose heroine was Serene Abdel Nour.


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