Hussein Al Jasmi releases his new song “Attracts the Eyes” .. Video and lyrics


Emirati singer Hussein Al Jasmi released his new song “Attracts the Attention” in the Gulf dialect, on his official YouTube channel, and it is from Nahyan bin Zayed’s poems, composed by Hussein Al Jasmi, distributed by Zaid Adel, Mix and Master Jassim Mohammed.

And the song’s lyrics say: You are steadfast in me .. constant evil of predestination

We want you to show .. Oh, interesting

O Bou Ayoun and Qadada .. Naas Al Ayyun are old

Love increased my seriousness .. and my heart confused and confused

In it, the attributes transgressed .. Sayed al-Maha to Dhar

Fiji and Hassan Fardi .. the daytime sun is jittery

Oh my goal is in Woody .. the longing lights a fire

He counted the nights, on the night and the day.

The body
The body

On the other hand, the rate of views of the song “Bel Bunta Al-Bareed” by the Emirati star Hussein Al Jasmi exceeded 400 million views on his official YouTube channel, which is composed by Al-Jasmi, the words of Ayman Bahjat Qamar, distributed by Touma.

The song “Balbunt Al-Badeh” by the star Hussein Al-Jasmi won the admiration of millions of Al-Jasmi’s audience, especially the artists, as a number of them showed this through the videos that spread to them while they were dancing to the song.

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