How to download Minecraft for free for PC, Android and iPhone, version 2021


How to download Minecraft for free, Steps to download and download the original Minecraft game for free for the computer, many people in all Arab countries and elsewhere search for it, as it is one of the games that has no equal in terms of thrill and fun that it causes to the player, and also helps to strengthen his level of intelligence and develop his skills As the game got a lot of downloads on Android phones, more than seventy million of the total number of downloads, so it has become one of the very popular games in the Arab world, so playing Minecraft is very similar to reality, and through it you will choose the way to live without any restrictions or conditions imposed on you by the game Here is how you can download Minecraft for free for PC, Android and iPhone.

How to download Minecraft for free for the computer

Minecraft revolves around building your own house by collecting building materials from the forest in which it originates and in order to be able to survive inside the game, and you also have all the necessary things and tools that you need within the game, such as food, drink and equipment that With it, you will face any of the enemies or animals that you encounter while playing.

Steps to download Minecraft for free

First, there must be enough space of up to 2 GB to download the game, then enter the official website of Minecraft, enter the list of games, choose to play Minecraft for free, then enter it and click on the free version, download this version on your device and install it Well, then start the steps to play well, and you can share it with all your friends around the world, you can download the Minecraft game for free in this way until the specified period for the free version expires, and then you can buy the paid version.

How to download Minecraft for Android

Your phone must be running Android 10 at least, open the Safari application, and from there, go to the App Valley website, then choose Install and do it now, then you have to go to the settings section and choose the General account, then choose the personal account, after So choose App Valley from the list of applications, search for a Minecraft game from the search box, then follow the steps provided by the site and download Minecraft for free within a minute.

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