How many hours of work is needed to pay the Internet bill .. Ranking of some countries!


A poor internet can spoil a workday or movie night as much as it hinders companies’ ability to conduct business or expand on innovative products.

Countries with a high internet quality usually regard infrastructure as an asset to both their citizens and their business communities.

Singapore tops the list of 85 countries analyzed by Surfshark’s VPN service provider, while Scandinavia and the Benelux countries also rank high in the Internet Quality Index, which takes into account the speed and reliability of broadband and mobile internet connections.

Internet speeds in a number of countries

Internet speeds in a number of countries

At the other end of the spectrum, Sri Lanka is found to have the lowest internet quality ahead of the Philippines. According to the Asia Foundation.

This decline in the ranking is usually related to the country’s topographical nature, as countries consisting of islands bear more costs for Internet infrastructure, which leads to poor communications in some places.

Often remote places, especially islands, are connected to the Internet via satellites rather than cables, which inherently reduces speed and reliability, for example due to the weather, according to data from “Statista”, which was seen by “Al”.

To add insult to injury, the study found that poor-quality internet connections, for which less money had to be paid, were different.

In Nigeria, which ranks lowest for internet quality, the average employee has to work more than 33 hours to bill for the cheapest monthly broadband connection – the highest on the survey.

The same trend appears in many Latin American countries, just as in the Philippines, broadband access, if available, requires more than seven hours of work at the average monthly wage in the country.

The cost of the Internet in a number of countries of the world

The cost of the Internet in a number of countries of the world

Although some Asian countries suffer from poor internet quality due to their isolated nature and high costs, the UAE is among the best countries in the world in Internet quality, and it requires only two hours of work to pay the monthly broadband bill, which is a better rate than the average country. European.


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