How does smart technology continue to change fitness patterns?


Huawei is working to make a difference in consumer behavior and personal fitness

Maintaining a fitness routine has usually been associated with joining the gym or exercising at home. However, with the advent of technology, the internet, and connected devices, consumers are now more aware of their vital data, and more aware of the impact of each exercise on their bodies, as they actively pursue progress with the help of the smart devices and services available at their disposal. Meanwhile, active social media platforms have contributed to creating a shared social feeling, all of which together lead to a modern perspective on fitness training as we know.

From the brand’s perspective, the new technology is changing things for two types of people: gym owners and fitness product manufacturers. Gyms now have a new source of marketing, especially social media, as their customers share results of workouts and facilities online generating more interest and potential customers. Meanwhile, fitness product manufacturers are now manufacturing more devices that provide fitness tracking capabilities and easier health management. In turn, the consumer noticed the biggest impact mainly, as he now has access to improved technologies that change the daily fitness regime, and here comes the role of Huawei.

Mainly powered by their smartphones, consumers are now downloading various fitness apps to complete their workouts and health apps to track their progress. One example of this is how to use a phone HUAWEI P40 Pro With the HUAWEI Health app to get an idea of ​​the number of steps they take and the number of calories burned. This is also complemented by smart wearables such as a watch HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 Pro with Moon Phase Kit – The latest smartwatch from Huawei – which tracks all the important data from different workouts which is then stored in the HUAWEI Health app. hourHUAWEI WATCH GT 2 Pro with Moon Phase Kit Capable of tracking fitness and data from different types of exercises such as swimming, running, elliptical machine and more, it also provides users with pre-installed running courses. The success of this can be seen through the increasing popularity of wearables, especially the Huawei lineup. According to the IDC report for the second quarter of 2020, Huawei ranked first in the world in wrist wearables, and second in watches in global market share.

Likewise, an hour comes HUAWEI WATCH FIT With its gorgeous design, its large 1.64 inch AMOLED HD display gives consumers various capabilities to track fitness and health levels, with the ability to customize it with more than 130 watch faces.

In addition to all this, immersive audio solutions, like headphones, work HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro For example, on enhancing the sound experience during exercise with noise cancellation technology, and other specifications that make it comfortable for the ear. With the HUAWEI Music app, consumers can enjoy exercise motivational music in the gym or while running.

This synergy between smartphones, wearables and cloud services is a result of Huawei’s work in building its connected ecosystem, which is linked under a single Huawei account, allowing for a smarter experience when carrying out everyday tasks.

On the other hand, social media plays a vital role for consumers as well. Regardless of being able to find many gyms or exercise resources, consumers now have a platform to share their progress. This not only enables them to find a common feeling, but it also helps create a sense of achievement and encouragement. Additionally, consumers can now also download various fitness apps, through platforms such as HUAWEI AppGallery And Petal Search, which gives them exercise routines and plans according to their needs.

Technology has definitely revolutionized fitness from multiple perspectives. For every business owner and consumer, the change wrought by smartphones, the internet, apps, and connected devices, takes on a whole new perspective of the industry and there’s no limit to how far this evolves.

All of these fitness equipment are available in Jordan, and they can be purchased through the Huawei online store:, by visiting any of the stores that offer Huawei products.


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