How do you spot the early signs of corona virus at home?


Since the emergence of the Corona virus epidemic, people have found it very difficult to differentiate between symptoms of Covid-19, symptoms of influenza and the common cold, so looking for warning signs of Corona early is also an easy and quick way to discover infection with the virus, in this report we have collected for you the early signs that determine your infection with the Coronavirus at home.


According to the “Times of India” site, discovering the early signs of corona gives you enough time to prepare, isolate and maintain the health of those around you, and although many cases of Corona are still without symptoms, these are the general symptoms that can determine whether you are at risk of contracting Corona or not. .

Corona is detected by body temperature

Although detecting Corona is not an easy task, since the symptoms may resemble the signs of other diseases, according to an application COVID Symptom StudyYour body temperature can help you determine whether or not you have the virus.

If your body temperature is hotter than your usual body temperature, it could be a sign of corona, along with that, the app also indicates that you may sometimes feel chills from a fever as well.

A hot back and chest indicates infection with the Coronavirus, according to an application COVID Symptom Study in the UK.


The most common symptom of coronavirus

With the emergence of the Coronavirus, people have been experiencing different and varied ranges of symptoms and although the list continues to increase and expand, the most common symptoms remain the same.

– Fever

– dry cough

– Sore throat

Runny and stuffy nose

Chest pain and shortness of breath


Gastrointestinal infection

Loss of the sense of smell and taste

Steps to take if you have coronavirus

If the test result is positive for Coronavirus, according to the National Health Service in Britain (NHS), Then you should resort to drinking plenty of fluids.

Besides isolating yourself, you must also monitor your diet.

Consult your doctors about pain relievers that you can take at times like these, as reports indicate that some medications can make the Coronavirus worse.


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