Houria Farghali in an audio message from America: What has been reported about my death is incorrect


The artist, Houria Farghaly, sent a message to the Egyptian and Arab public, through an audio message dedicated to “The Seventh Day”, reassuring fans and followers of her health condition, as Houria Farghaly is currently undergoing several surgeries in the American state of Chicago, where she underwent the first surgery and was successful, which It consisted of cutting stem cells and some bones from the chest cage to be placed in the nose to return to its normal shape.

Houria said in the audio message that was dedicated to “The Seventh Day”: My beloved Egypt, my beloved audience, my friends, my family of all people. And the prayers of my mother, I was able to overcome the pain, and by the work of the doctor who told me, oxygen sessions, in order to prepare me for the second operation that I will do on March 1, God willing.

And Houria continued: The second operation will be only 3 hours, and with your great support the sense that I will come back stronger than the first, and I did not know that all this love is for me, although I did not have the needs that I saw in Egypt before that, and at your request, please, do not let people do things that are not sweet, Because on YouTube daily I get the news of my death, and difficult news about me very much until yesterday, and that this speech may affect me very much, and affect all the people around, and who has this speech, and it is forbidden for you. Whoever does not want people to succeed, they must know that the successful one will come back again, and God willing, he will return better than the first, and God willing, I will talk to you first I conclude the second process through the seventh day, and thank you on the seventh day, because you were supportive of me and you were in my midday all the time. They took me to a call on Monday after the operation, the first time I came up.

Houria Farghaly will undergo the second surgery in the “nose”, tomorrow, Monday, March 1, 20 days after the first operation that she underwent in a hospital in the US state of Chicago, which was successful.

The second operation is to modify the nose to the natural shape and sculpt it, after the first operation came by extracting stem cells and bones from the rib cage, and placing them in the nose to restore the nose to its normal shape, in addition to the development of a nymph’s sense of smell and taste after the success of the first surgery, and the operation is scheduled to take The second is 3 hours at the latest.


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