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9:30 AM | Friday, February 19, 2021

Al-Masry Vice President: We decided to stop the Iraqi and 4 players

Karim Al-Iraqi is an Egyptian player

Mohammed Al-Khouli, Vice President said Egyptian Al-Borsaidi, that 5 players were suspended and fined 100,000 pounds for what they did during the Al-Ahly Bank match in the Premier League, after the players did not follow the instructions of the club’s management.

Al-Khouli continued during a telephone interview on the “Ontime Evening” program, which is shown on the “Ontime Sport 2” channel: “There was an incident that occurred during a match. Ahli Bank In the Premier League as a result, Ali Maher decided to exclude 5 players from participating in the match, and they were supposed to remain in the team to support him, but they preferred to travel without permission, which exposes them to punishment, in addition to the 3 of them had a traffic accident while traveling to Port Said.

“When we spoke with the players, we learned that the one who caused the problem was Karim al-Iraqi, and we decided to suspend the players and impose a fine of 100,000 pounds,” he added.

He continued: “We held a session with the Iraqi two months ago and offered him the renewal, and there remains a season and a half in the player’s contract. The Iraqi asked to pray an Istikhara prayer, and then he will inform us of his decision. ».

He continued, “Karim is a respectable player and from the youth sector in the Egyptian club Al-Port Said, and despite that, the Egyptian club is large and will not stand on any player.”

“The last offer that was made to the player is that he is in the first category of the club. Nevertheless, the player assigned his friends to request an increase in the amount, not his agent.”

He concluded, “There is a request submitted to Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, and supporting the club with 5 million has never been late for clubs, especially popular clubs.”

Al-Masry is third in the league table with 20 points, after playing 11 matches, winning 5 and drawing the same, and losing only once.


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