His wife died in a fire in his house … the reason he left atheism … and the dowry of Abla K.


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Wednesday 24 February 2021

I wrote – Yasmine El Sharkawy:

Today, Wednesday, February 24, comes the birthday of the great artist Mahmoud El-Gendy, who is considered one of the most important stars who left their mark in the works in which they participated.

Coinciding with this occasion, “Masrawy” reviews the most prominent information about the late Mahmoud Al-Jundi:

Mahmoud Al-Jundi was born on this day in 1945, in Abu Al-Matamir Center in Al-Buhaira Governorate, to a family of 9 children.

– Al-Jundi graduated from the Higher Institute of Cinema in 1967, after graduating from the School of Industry, Textile Department.

Mahmoud El-Gendy began his artistic career in the early seventies by presenting small roles, until he stood in 1979 in front of Fouad Al-Mohandes in the play “It is truly a respectable family”, and participated in the series “Baba Abdo” to present the series “Tears in the Eyes of Brazen” in 1980.

He also participated in a number of works, including “Al-Tout and Al-Nabut”, “Naji Al-Ali”, “Stories of the Strange”, “Playing with the Adults”, “One of the People”, and series such as: “The Journey of Abu Al-Ela Al-Bishri” The morning and evening talk, “The New Street,” “Zizinia,” “The Twins,” and “Ramadan Kareem,” and he also participated in a number of plays, most notably: “The Princesses”, “Because of Your Eyes” and “Laugh When You Die.”

– In an interview by the great artist Mahmoud al-Jundi with the media Raghda Shalhoub in the program “100 Questions”, he said about his marriage to the artist Abla Kamel that she wore the veil after their return from performing the Hajj in the Holy Land, where she told him that she will not take off the veil after performing the Hajj, so welcome The soldier, “noting that he said that this is her personal conviction, and she is free to choose.

Mahmoud al-Jundi confirmed that he paid her a dowry of 25 piasters only, and said that he did not speak with her about the value of the dowry or such matters, and denied that their marriage took place in secret, and the evidence is that magazines and newspapers published the news as soon as it happened.

As for the reason for their divorce, the “soldier” said in an interview with “Party 11”: “Her star was higher than me, my job was less, and I was offered to do acts of courtesy to her, and of course I refused.”

– The soldier’s house was exposed to a massive fire in 2001, which caused a fire in his library and the death of his wife, and this event caused him to return from the decision of atheism, and he said about the fire in the program “The Women Don’t Know Lies”: “The period of atheism is a period of time that I have gone through as anyone has gone through. In the youth stage, which is the stage of rebellion in order to satisfy the vigor of youth. “

The soldier continued his speech, saying: “This period occurred during this period, and I was coming from Abu al-Matamir (center in the lake) to Cairo and found a completely changed society, and I found life open and nightlife, and then I began to read about socialism and communism, and it remained so for 3 years, until a fire occurred in my house. “.

The soldier added, “The house fire was a strong message and made me stand in front of myself, and what happened was that a part of my library was burned, and I found that all the books, magazines, videos and prizes were all burned,” adding: “From here it was like a message that I cannot do anything. And here the history is burning, and I cannot save it, just as my wife died in this fire because she was short of breath and could not bear the smoke. “

Mahmoud Al-Jundi decided to retire from art, stressing that the reason was the producers neglecting him after participating in the series “Ramadan Kareem”, for not putting his image in the series’ advertisement, and justifying his decision that he could not deal with some producers, noting that they deal with him as a commodity, and that his retirement decision is final. And he did not think about abandoning him until the state of the artistic community was reformed, but he returned from retirement and presented a number of works until his death.

The soldier died in April 2019, after suffering a heart attack.


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