Here the ascetic encounters a ghost in the first episode of “Sandy Crush”


The dmc channel began showing the series “Helwa Al-Dunya Sukkar”, in which the actress, Hana Al Zahid, stars in the title role, and it consists of a series of separate episodes.

And in the first story “Sandy Crush”, the ascetic appeared here, as a trained character in the circus run by her uncle, Hisham Ismail, who loves to sing.

The date of the showing of the series “Helwa Al-Dunya Sukkar” by Hana Al Zahid
“Sandy” is a shy girl who is afraid to talk to people. Her father thinks about selling his father’s car, which Sandy now owns. At the time of execution, the ghost of her grandfather, Bayoumi Fouad, who has been in the car since his death, addresses her.

Muhammad al-Kilani presents a circus magician character and presents many ideas to the circus director, but he rejects them, but he is forced to present an idea from them to the owner of the circus, which is a competition to choose the voices and the winner sings with the singer Luay in a large ceremony.

The series “Helwa Al-Dunia Sukkar” consists of 9 different stories, each story is shown in 5 connected episodes, and each story has a different team in terms of writer and heroes, with the presence here of Zahid in all the stories of the events of the series, directed by Khaled Al-Halafawi, produced by Synergy and Karim Abu Zekry, and it includes The series is a large group of guests of honor, and the authors of the nine stories were chosen, namely Iyad Saleh, Diaa Muhammad, Fedra Ahmed Al-Masry, Hisham Ismail, Hind Fayed, Muhammad Jalal, Ihab Balibl, and Ayman Al-Shayeb.

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