Her daughter blows the balloon and her son eats sweets .. A funny video of Nadine Najim’s suffering with distance education


Actress Nadine Nassib Najim shared her audience with a funny video clip on “Instagram” of her two children, “Heaven and Giovanni,” while they were receiving lessons from a distance, where they appeared playing and having fun.
Nadine mocked her daughter, who was blowing the balloon while her son was eating sweets, expressing her daily suffering due to virtual education, asking the mothers a question: “I understand you … a question for mothers, tell me about the most destructive thing that happened with your children during distance education.”

Nadine had previously spoken about many amusing situations that occurred with her two sons while they were receiving lessons from a distance, stressing that she would be strict with them in many times in order to complete their homework.
Nadine wished that the Corona crisis would end soon, so that life would return to normal and that the children would have a normal life, mixing with their friends and practicing the activities they were deprived of.


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