Heba Al-Dorry separated from Nawaf Al-Ali after 9 years of marriage and an indirect suspension from her


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Kuwaiti Representative posted Nawaf Al-Ali A comment on his Instagram account, in which he announced the separation from his wife Heba Aldry Officially after 9 years of marriage, he explained during his comment that the separation occurred a while ago, but he did not want to announce the details, but circumstances forced him to do so.

Heba Al-Dury’s separation

Nawaf Al-Ali He wrote on Instagram, saying: My separation from Hiba Al-Dari was officially announced. The separation was a period of time, but I did not want to announce it, but then I was released from any action or words he said or said, while Hiba Al-Durr did not comment on the matter officially.

Heba Al-Dari and Nawaf Al-Ali separated

However, the audience linked the last comment you wrote Heba Aldry Before Nawaf Al-Ali announced the separation and between this advertisement, where she posted an image from the advertising campaign for the Margaret series and commented on it saying: Silence in some situations is fearful, and when one of the followers responded about some times the conversation occurs, she commented saying: With people who are not respectful, we must remain silent so that we do not go down to their level .

Comment by Heba Aldry

However, Nawaf Al-Ali added another comment that caused more controversy and questions about the reason for this separation, where he said: To make sure that you are a man, be a man as for men, which is what the audience linked to the story of his separation from his wife and the audience expressed a feeling of sadness over the separation of this distinguished duo as some asked about The fate of the children and the reason for this shocking decision.

Nawaf Al-Ali responded

Heba Al-Dari and Nawaf Al-Ali

Nawaf Al-Ali had married Heba Al-Dari in 2012 in a huge ceremony held in Kuwait, and he had two children from her, Badr and Fahd, but it was not the first marriage of Nawaf Al-Ali, as before his gift he had married another woman from outside the artistic community and had a child from her, Abdulaziz, his eldest son. .

One of the most controversial issues about this marriage is the age difference between Heba Al-Duri and Nawaf Al-Ali, because Heba Al-Durri was born in 1982, while Nawaf Al-Ali was born in December 1984, meaning that she is almost two years older than him.

It is worth noting that Heba Al-Dury is an Egyptian actress, born in Cairo. Ramadan Next in the series Margaret with the star Leopard’s Life.


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