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The Ministry of Health announced today (Sunday) that the efforts made by the competent authorities and the concerned committees to provide vaccines against the emerging corona virus (Covid-19) have succeeded in returning the vaccines again and quickly, and resulted in the arrival of vaccines to the Kingdom, which will work to restore the national plan that It was established to give vaccinations to all regions.

Assistant Minister of Health and spokesman for the ministry, Dr.Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Aali revealed that until today, 446,940 doses have been given since the start of vaccination until today, and during the next three days, all those who wish to have dates for the second dose can change their appointments to obtain closer appointments, and this is available for those whose doses have been changed. The second was previously, and those who want to get the first dose can register as of February 18th through the “My Health” app, find out the available appointments from February 18 onwards, and register for an appointment.

In the joint press conference held today to uncover the developments of the Coronavirus and vaccines locally, regionally and internationally, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health affirmed that priority groups will be taken into consideration to obtain vaccines, advising everyone to be careful to register for the vaccine, as obtaining it is one of the most effective, strong and influential steps in overcoming This pandemic.

He stressed that vaccines are a very effective weapon in the face of the pandemic, but not alone, if one person in the community receives the vaccine and achieves high and high immunity and protection for himself, this is not enough, but rather the largest number of community members must acquire immunity to move from individual immunity to community immunity Let us overcome the pandemic, and until then it is necessary to adhere to preventive precautions, procedures and health behaviors, as these three things (individual immunity, community immunity, health precautions) will lead to overcoming the pandemic, but if it is not achieved then it will never be possible to reach that.

Today, it also revealed that 322 new cases of the emerging corona virus, which causes “Covid-19”, were recorded, while 282 additional cases were recovered, and 4 cases died.

Accordingly, the total cases of infection cumulatively since the appearance of the first case in the Kingdom reached 372,732 cases, of which 2714 are active cases, most of them are stable and their health condition is reassuring, of which 459 are critical cases receiving care in intensive care, while the total cases of recovery reached 363,585 cases, and the total deaths reached 6433 deaths, and thus the rate of recovery from Corona in the Kingdom reaches 97.54%, the rate of active cases is 0.72%, and the death rate is 1.72%.

As for the regions with the highest recorded number of new Corona injuries, they came as follows: Riyadh Region (167), Eastern Region (64), Makkah Al Mukarramah Region (40), Al Qassim Region (9), Al Madinah Al Munawwarah Region (7), Asir Region (7) Hail region (5), Al-Jawf region (5), Jazan region (5), the northern border region (4), Najran region (4), Tabuk region (3), Al-Baha region (2).

As for the highest cities and governorates to record new Corona injuries, they came as follows: Riyadh (118), Jeddah (19), Dammam (17), Al-Kharj (15), Makkah Al-Mukarramah (13), Al-Hofuf (10), Jubail (8), Qatif (8), Abqaiq (8), Hotat Bani Tamim (6), Zulfi (5), Sakaka (4), Arar (4), Medina (4), Dalam (4), Dhahran (4), and above Al-Modon recorded cases of recovery, so it came as follows: Riyadh (106), Makkah Al-Mukarramah (24), Dammam (19), Al-Hofuf (10), Jeddah (9), Yanbu (8), Al-Dalam (7), Al-Mubarraz (6), Buraidah. (5), Najran (5), Khobar (5), Jubail (5), Wadi Al Dawasir (4), Medina (3), Taif (3).

The Ministry of Health allows access to the developments of the virus in the Kingdom, by publishing its daily statistics on the website https://covid19.moh.gov.sa.

Al-Abd Al-Aali stated that the Kingdom reaffirms, through its bold and always proactive precautionary and preventive decisions and measures, that the health of the human being, the individual and society in this country is always of the highest priority, as the extension of precautionary measures comes in this context and confirms these contents, and we must now continue our role by commitment and to be responsible And that we strive during this precious period to return the curves of the Corona virus to what they were and become in positive trends in the coming stages, and if we adhere to and restrict us, this will lead us to health security to be safe soon.

He said that the high numbers of confirmed infections globally makes us continue to be vigilant and cautious in dealing with the pandemic in these stages specifically with the presence of new waves and monitoring of virus mutations, as the weekly infection map revealed that some regions of the Kingdom are still monitoring an increase in the number of confirmed cases of Corona last week compared to the week The previous one, as well as the case for critical cases, and some areas are experiencing a state of fluctuation, and some are experiencing more control than others, but in general, the curve is escalating.

The “Health” spokesman warned that this stage of the curve is very sensitive, major and important, and we have two directions in front of us. Either we continue our commitment and restrict us and work to control and flatten the curve and then decrease and return to the previous positive levels, or the curve continues its heights, God forbid, as a result of some negligence or inaction. In applying preventive precautions and healthy behaviors.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Aali explained that if the infected person spent 10 days and then the symptoms disappeared from him in the last 3 days, then here the definitions of recovery apply to him, but the smear may appear positive after his recovery and that is in a small percentage of cases, and if the smear appears positive after weeks of recovery, this is not Because of the presence of the virus, but because of the presence of remnants of the virus that are inactive, non-infectious and not harmful, that may be present and appear in the analysis although the recovery has been achieved.


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