Health: 40% of citizens suffer from “osteoporosis”


Amira Khaled (Echo):

The Ministry of Health revealed that the incidence of osteoporosis in the Kingdom reaches 40%, most of them women, due to the lack of bone mass as a result of pregnancy and lactation.

The Ministry of Health stated in a recent study that scientific studies confirm that the rate of bone fracture due to fragility in women is about 80%, compared to the incidence of fractures in men.

She indicated that about 13% of the number of men over the age of 50 years will develop some fractures associated with osteoporosis during their lifetime, as a result of the weakness that occurs on the bones during youth and adolescence.

The International Osteoporosis Foundation confirmed in its latest statistics that more than 200 million people with osteoporosis have been recorded. It is the main cause of bone fracture.


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