Head of “Ad-Diriyah Development”: projects to establish international golf courses and picturesque oases – Saudi News


The CEO of the Diriyah Gate Development Authority, Jerry Enzrillo, revealed that the authority is working to develop Diriyah “the jewel of the Kingdom” by transforming it into global life destinations highlighting culture, heritage, hospitality, retail and education, and reactivating this important part of Saudi history, and making it one of the greatest gathering places in The world was also hosted the Formula Championship in Diriyah.

In an interview with the Saudi Press Agency, on the occasion of the Kingdom’s hosting of the Formula E championship in Ad-Diriyah on 26 and 27 February 2021, he said: “The year 2020 was a year of challenges that faced the world due to the Corona pandemic, and despite that, Diriyah has always remained on time and on the road. In it, the precautionary measures adopted by the Kingdom are followed to preserve the health of citizens and residents, and Dir’iyah has made a great achievement in the infrastructure project to become one of the largest and most advanced infrastructure in the world, and we are in the process of signing new contracts that include design and construction operations for development projects in Ad Diriyah. Adapted to the authentic Najdi architecture ».

The Formula E 2021 championship, which will be held in the historic city of Ad-Diriyah, is a very important event, as it is the first race held at night in the history of Formula Championships, and this tournament is the third to be held in Ad Diriyah and in Al-Turaif neighborhood, which was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List and will add more excitement to One of the fastest growing sports in the world.

He explained that the work on lighting the Formula E race circuit with environmentally friendly lighting and low-consumption LED technology at night contributed to the increase in creativity and innovation in hosting the championship, and seeing sustainable solutions that were more energy-efficient and reduce carbon emissions.

He explained that the mission of the Diriyah Gate Authority in this championship is to confirm the position of Diriyah as one of the greatest gathering places in the world that embraces all modern amenities and advanced infrastructure to be a distinctive tourist destination for visitors to the Kingdom, specifically the city of Diriyah in Riyadh.

He pointed out that the scene of the Formula E race track against the historical background of Diriyah is a suitable representation of the Diriyah Gate Development Authority’s vision to protect the history of Diriyah while taking steps towards the future, indicating that they have future plans to host international sporting events on a large and diverse scale, based on Ad Diriyah is the land of kings and heroes, and the place where the first Saudi state was built.

He revealed that in the future, sports and health will take leadership roles in the Kingdom with the realization of the Kingdom’s vision 2030, and the authority has ambitious projects to establish world-class golf courses, in addition to establishing picturesque squares and oases that enhance social and human interaction in Al-Diriyah in addition to tracks for horse riders to be an integrated city with its glorious history and present Beautiful and bright future.

The CEO of the Diriyah Gate Development Authority said: “Diriyah is proud to host the Formula E race in cooperation with the Ministry of Sports. Our world-class destination in Diriyah is distinguished by its rich heritage, ambitious sustainability goals, vast areas of the natural environment and an improved quality of life at its core. Heritage and history will be honored and combined. Beautifully combined with sustainability and environmental considerations to create a world-class global culture and lifestyle hub that meets internationally recognized LEED and Mostadam sustainability certifications.

He pointed out that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a diverse country in its history and heritage, and includes a wonderful atmosphere with natural landscapes and has a history of stories to tell, and Diriyah is its birthplace, and this authentic heritage that cannot be repeated, forms a large part of the history and legacy of Diriyah, which is wonderful to see in reality.

He stressed that the health and safety of drivers and those who will attend the championship either for work or for media coverage is a top priority for the organizers of the Formula E championship, in implementation of the directives of the Kingdom’s government to implement precautionary measures, and there will be strict application of health instructions, and there will be an electronic examination to detect Corona virus inside red spaces Designated for testing, it will allow for increased adaptability and flexibility in the examinations while reducing reliance on local PCR testing facilities and ensuring consistent and high standards to expedite the delivery of results.


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