He killed his pregnant wife .. Then he committed a more terrible crime


There was no mercy in his heart when he committed 3 murders in minutes against his dearest people, who were his family members.

The British newspaper “The Sun” reported, Saturday, that the 25-year-old Russian husband stabbed his 30-year-old pregnant wife with a knife, killing the two.
When her 5-year-old daughter (from a previous marriage) tried to protect her, she was also stabbed several times.
The Russian authorities charged a fireman with murder, in a series of brutal crimes that affected his family.
The horrific accident occurred at the family’s home in the northwestern Russian city of Vologda, two weeks after they got married.
After days of marriage, it became clear that the man was drinking too much alcohol, to the point that his wife became tired of him and ignored him.
And he appeared in an audio clip telling the interrogators: “You came home and didn’t say hello to me. I got angry. I went to the kitchen and took the biggest knife.”
According to local media reports, the husband killed his wife and children under the influence of alcohol.
After committing the murders, the man set the house on fire, in an attempt to destroy evidence.
A Russian police spokeswoman said: “Tests showed that the victims died from multiple stabs in the upper part of the body. The woman was pregnant at the moment of the crime.”
Local media reported that the husband confessed to killing the mother and child during police questioning.
The husband faces life in prison if convicted of these murders.


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