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Ankara: A Turkish company working in the field of communications, the aviation, space and defense industry has succeeded in creating an electronic muzzle that contributes to eliminating viruses and provides solutions to the needs that have arisen due to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.
The regional director of TTAF in the capital, Ankara, Poland Ishik, said that his company, which was established in 2003, is a technology company that provides advanced solutions in various fields.
Isheq stated that the company works in the field of telecommunications, aviation, space and defense industries, and exports its products to 70 countries.

He added that they conducted a series of studies on different models of masks in order to contribute to the process of limiting the spread of the Corona epidemic, and they also distributed 55,000 free masks.
He stated that they began to produce masks that eliminate viruses by means of ultraviolet rays, and that this step was followed by the development of electronic masks after a difficult and tiring phase of work and studies.
He explained that many of the tests on electronic masks were completed, and they finally passed the tests related to the Corona virus, under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, which in turn adopted the electronic muzzle as a product that provides protection from Corona.
Ishaq indicated that the aforementioned muzzle contains a replaceable filter, a fan, and a charging device that works by means of the (USB) entrance for 6 hours after charging it for one hour.
He continued: “When the muzzle starts to work, the outside air is drawn in and passed through 4-layer filters, providing fresh air and a suitable texture on the inside surface of the anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic muzzle, and the unclean air is discharged by one-way valves.” .

And he indicated that the use of the electronic muzzle is not limited to the period of the epidemic, but can be used for occupational health and safety purposes, and everyone can use it, especially those who work in factories, mines and health care workers.
Ishik pointed out that his company started in Istanbul with the production of this type of developed masks, and that it will work in the next stage to distribute these masks in all Turkish states after establishing a sales network that enables the company to reach all users quickly.

The company is preparing to export its product
Ishiq mentioned that the use of electronic masks reduces pressure on the lungs compared to the currently used masks, which provide 40 percent protection for a single muzzle, and 80 percent for a double muzzle, while the protection rate for an electronic muzzle is 99.95 percent.
He pointed out the need to change the regular muzzle every 2-3 hours, and the dual use of masks increases the need for more masks on an ongoing basis, and this is particularly annoying for asthma patients and those suffering from respiratory failure.

Isheq explained that the replaceable filter consisting of 4 layers can be used in the electronic muzzle approximately once every 15 days, and 4 filters are provided to the user to meet the needs of use for a period of two months the first time.
Ishiq pointed out that similar products exist in the United States and China, and that his company is preparing to enter the field of exports, and that it has already started receiving many orders from abroad, especially from Germany.
Ishaq concluded by saying: “In the shortest time, the electronic muzzle will be available to everyone, and users will be able to obtain it via the Internet, medical companies and pharmacies.”



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