Hani Al-Omari surprises the followers … and this secret will be revealed on Valentine’s Day


Follow-up: Rowan Diop

The Lebanese artist Hani Al-Omari published a video on his own page on the social networking site “Instagram”. Through him, he announced that he would reveal the name and identity of his girlfriend during the next few days, by Valentine’s Day.

Al-Omari commented on the video, saying: “Despite all the circumstances that we go through with the remembrance of Valentine’s Day, it is the most beautiful of all night with love for each other. Let me take advantage of this occasion, even if the secret of carrying my heart and reveal to you who is my love.

He added, “And you will be surprised, who is this! Drop me with two halomin. ”

This video raised questions from followers, and wished Omari every success in his next steps.

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