Hala Sidqi: I’m negotiating to get a divorce news


Actress Hala Sidqi revealed that she is now negotiating with her husband, lawyer Sameh Sami, to obtain a divorce.

Hala said during her interview on the program “One of the People” with the journalist Amr Al-Laithi, that it is possible for her husband to divorce her in America.

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She added, explaining that he refuses to divorce, but so far they have not reached a conclusion, noting that she is very surprised that he is sticking to her and refuses to divorce, but at the same time he insults her everywhere.

She confirmed that she rejects any attempts to return to her husband, even if her children ask her to do so.

The crisis began when lawyer Sameh Sami, husband of the artist Hala Sidqi, appeared in a video in which he confirmed that he had filed a case asking her to conduct DNA analyzes to find out the lineage of his children.

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Hala responded to what he said, rejecting all his accusations, when he said that she did not have the ability to have children and questioned the lineage of her two sons, “Mary and Samo,” noting that the disagreements with her husband were 5 years ago, explaining that she respected his decision to travel to the United States of America, but she refused to travel with him. And I endured insults and insults on social media.

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