Hala Sidqi: I was betrayed and I think that I am an ideal mother. My problem is with my husband, and I see her as one of six


The star, Hala Sedky, said that the crisis between my husband and us is normal, and social media is the one who ignited it, and he chose to travel and leave us, and because I left him, I sure loved him.

Hala added, while she was his guest on the program “One of the People” with the journalist Amr El-Leithy on the Al-Hayat screen, that he came to come to me and rejected him and sat for about two years, and then we became friends and my mother wanted me to get married and have children, but they were mostly refusing to complete this marriage because it is younger. Mona.

And she continued: We did analyzes in the church to prove that it is possible to continue the marriage, and I did not want to defame him, and I refuse to let my children do any offense to him because he is still their father.

She indicated to me that I care about my relationship with our Lord, and I have special messages between me and him, and I could publish them, but I refused to do as he did, and I stood next to his father without anything

She indicated that the most important thing about a man is to be honest with his wife, to contain her and give her security, and that cruelty dies love.

The star, Hala Sadaqi, said, “I was betrayed once in my life, and I did not expect to go through this experience, and I was very confident in myself, and I cannot think that someone might betray me, and my problem with my husband is mostly caused by one six, and he lives Currently in America, I refused to forgive and did not deserve to insult me ​​and my family for six years on Facebook.

Hala added, I did not prevent my children from talking to my husband, but on the contrary, I was keen on that, as he came from America and cleared some papers against my children, “needs they possess.”

And she continued: I stood by him and helped him, but I am stubborn and refuse to forgive him because of my shock at the insults and insults he did, and I filed an alimony case against him because there is no longer a way for him to suffer except alimony, in order to respond to his abuse.

She said, “I was very happy when I learned that I was pregnant with twins, and my husband was afraid of responsibility, and after that he was happy, and my mother told him what to fear.”

She added, I worked as a sonar during pregnancy, and thank God I have twins and my children love swimming very much, my daughter Mary loves drawing, Samo loves karate and sports, and I think that I am a perfect mother, and I give myself ten out of ten, and I trust in our Lord and the work of the Most High and our Lord who kept them.


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