Hala Sidqi: I did not expect to betray my husband


Egyptian actress Hala Sidqi revealed during her stay as a guest in the program “One of the People” with the journalist Amr Al-Laithi, which is shown on Al-Hayat Channel, about hidden aspects of her personal life, where she talked about the details of her disagreement with her husband.

“My problem with my husband is behind another woman,” Sidqi said. “Everyone who knows me and close to me knows well that I am an ideal woman, and my ego made me imagine that it is impossible for my husband to betray me, but this happened and I was betrayed.”

She added, “Despite my disagreement with my husband, but many times an excuse was sought from him. He tried a lot to negotiate with me and I refused because I am a very stubborn person.”

“I was very happy when I learned that I was pregnant with twins, and I stood next to my husband and helped him a lot, because he was afraid of the size of the responsibility, and I think that during this experience I was a very ideal mother and wife, but my husband was the one who left us and decided to travel to America.”

She explained: “It is impossible to tolerate him after he insulted my family, but at the same time I did not prevent my children from communicating with him, and I did not resort to defamation and spreading messages as he did to ensure the feelings of my children.”

Hala Sidqi also touched important milestones in her artistic career, saying that she left the acting institute because of the late artist Karam Mutawa, who described her as a failure.

She indicated that her role in the movie “The Escape” with Ahmed Zaki is a sign of her artistic career, according to “Al Ain News.”


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