Haifa Wehbe uses the symptoms of the Coronavirus to send a harsh message – the picture


The Lebanese artist hiredهيفا وهبيWith beamsCorona VirusTo send a harsh message to someone without naming him.
She posted on her own page on the social networking site a picture of her, and attached her to a comment in which she said: “One of the symptoms of the Corona virus is the loss of the sense of“ taste. ”By going back to someone I knew, I think I had symptoms for years.
A large number of followers interacted with her comment, noting that she is one of the most successful stars who know how to “bomb the fronts.”
On the other hand, Haifa was blessed by the Lebanese singer Nawal Al Zoghbi after releasing a new song entitled “My Mind, Waqf”, which was widely popular on social media, and Haifa wrote on her own page, saying: “Congratulations to the beautiful star … Your sweet song is so much.” What prompted Nawal to respond to Haifa with words of thanks, so she said to her: “Idish, you are beautiful in heart and soul.


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