Haifa Wehbe apologizes for “civil war” – Ambassador of the North


Haifa Wehbe apologizes for “civil war”

Jamal Al Adl spoke about the inability to participate in the Lebanese actress Haifa Wehbe in the Ramadan series “Civil War” due to the difficulty of traveling and her presence in the United States.

He indicated that Sarah Al-Tunisi will assume the role instead of Haifa Wehbe, to participate in the Egyptian actress, actress Yusra, and will be shown in the Ramadan 2021 season.

Al-Adl denied the allegations that Haifa Wehbe had made, that she withdrew from the series “Civil War” because of the wages, indicating that the renewed Corona crisis forced her to stay there.

He pointed out that Haifa Wehbe had not read the script from the original before the rejection and had not agreed on anything but a fee.


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