Hacking iPhones will become more difficult … for this reason


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Cairo – Samia Sayed – Hackers may face a more difficult time trying to break into the iPhone in the near future, as Apple is working to change the way in which the code works in iOS, and this change by the company will help thwart hacking attempts with the help of a technique called zero-exploitation click (also known as 0-click), according to a report by Vice.

The zero-click hack allows the perpetrator to take control of the iPhone without interacting with the target, such as having to send a malicious link, and since no such link is sent, these attacks are said to be more difficult to detect, and the tech giant is said to have made the change in the beta version of iOS 14.5.

We still have a few days left on the final launch of the iOS version, with the new protections applied, however, since it was rolled out in beta, we hope it won’t take long to reach the final version.

According to the Basic System Security Guide, since 2018 Apple has been using a technology called Pointer Authentication Tokens (PAC) to prevent hackers from using malicious codes and taking advantage of corrupted memory to achieve their own goals. This technology was only recently introduced to ISA indicators (for iOS code), and earlier. Indicators were not protected by PAC.

PAC makes authentication and validation of ISA indicators (a feature of iOS code) necessary before they can be used, which is said to make it difficult for hackers to breach the iPhone’s defenses.

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