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He is Stephen (Steve) Jobs, one of the most famous figures in technology and management in contemporary history. I recently had the opportunity to read a book about his biography and career (authored by Walter Isaacson), and it goes without saying that Jobs left imprints that will immortalize him over the years in the world of computers and smartphones, after he was associated His name is inevitable in the company and products of “Apple”, and I am not concerned with the details of the man’s biography or his achievements. I will quickly pass by them in order to stand at the question: What made Jobs a science of industry, commerce and management? We can ask the same question about Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft The giant, Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of the Facebook platform with more than a billion customers, and all of them without university degrees, and despite this, they changed the face and course of history with their innovations and inventions that invaded every home and office.

On the personal-human level, Jobs was rude, tough-hearted, moody, and did not hesitate to hurt the feelings of any person who stood in the way of the fulfillment of his desires and the implementation of his visions, and until his death he kept carrying a wound that he was Paul Jobs’ adopted son, meaning that he was not really a descendant of the Jobs family, and that his mother and father The real (Joan Shepel, Abdel Fattah Jandali, and the latter, a Syrian from Homs, was politically active and suffered from police persecution, he studied at the American University in Beirut and then traveled to the United States, where he joined the University of Wisconsin, USA, where he met Joan Sheppel, who is Steve’s biological mother), that his parents got rid of you From him immediately after his birth, as they were in their early youth and were unable to bear the responsibility of raising a child, and that bitterness remained characteristic of Steve’s relationship with co-workers, and even with his daughter Lisa, who resulted from a fleeting relationship, and she spent most of her childhood years denying her paternity just as his real father and mother denied him .

What drew my attention in Jobs’s biography and his career with Apple was not his qualities that make him an obnoxious person, nor the amazing products with which Apple astonished the world. Rather, this Jobs, whose name was associated with Mac computers, iPhones, iPads, tablets, and the small portable listening device, the iPod, entered The field of technology and the world of management, which only holds a high school diploma. Jobs enrolled at Reed University in America and spent one academic year in which he did not adhere to a curriculum, then he rode the wave of youth rebellion that prevailed in the United States in the seventies of the last century, and plunged into the world of drugs, then Buddhism attracted him for some time, then he traveled to India to meet leaders of “spiritual” sects, and he lived most of his youth without a compass.

The true maker of the glory of Apple and who placed its name in the Atlas of Technological Industries is Steve Wozniak, who was like his name Jobs without any academic qualification and passionate about computer games. Wozniak showed an unprecedented ingenuity at the time in creating small multi-purpose devices, and at Jobs’ instruction, he switched to inventing the Apple 1 computer, then the Apple 2, and that was in the back of the Jobs family’s adopted home, specifically in a garage that Paul Jobs used to maintain, repair and then sell cars.

And the rest of the story is known, because those modest efforts led Jobs to become the CEO of one of the largest and most successful computer and electronic products companies in the world, and when he was removed for some time from Apple, he created the Pixar company that amazed the world with the “Toy Story” animation series in cooperation with the company. Disney.

What makes “Walid” without any real academic qualification enter the worlds of computers and become the most distinguished innovator in them? Then he goes to the world of filmmaking without any experience and manages to be one of its flags? It is the general environment that allows experimentation, innovation and error, and then correcting the error, an environment that provokes the mind and stimulates what is called thinking outside the box, and in which every gifted finds what nourishes and sharpens his talent, then whoever appreciates, respects and embraces that talent.

And tomorrow we will continue, God willing

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