Gulf News Supporting the family of the late artist Ahmed Zaki to impose judicial receivership on his estate


Cairo – Syed Abdel Qader
Giza Appellate Court rejected the appeal against the ruling of judicial receivership on the property of the late artist Ahmed Zaki, and ruled to uphold the previous ruling that enabled the sister of the late artist and his family to impose custody of the estate that includes cars, apartments, and the possessions inside them.

It is noteworthy that Rami Ezz El-Din is the half-brother of Haitham Ahmed Zaki and the son of the late artist Hala Fouad, the late artist’s divorcee.

The artist, Raghda, expressed her happiness that Iman Ahmed Zaki obtained the property of her brother, pointing out that his possessions are not for sale and they are safe in the possession of his brothers.

Raghda said: I am happy with this news, because the family will be more careful than anyone else with his possessions, which he loved and was proud of, because Ahmed Zaki’s possessions and possessions are not for sale.

It is noteworthy that a court ruling was issued last October, in favor of Zaki’s brothers, to impose judicial receivership on his estate, including cars and apartments, and stabbed Rami Ezz El-Din, the half-brother of the late artist Haitham Ahmed Zaki, and the Giza appellant court ruled to reject the appeal.


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