Google’s ego gives Microsoft the opportunity to regain its position from the Australia portal |


Sydney – A new browser war looms on the horizon with the entry of the American group Microsoft on the escalating crisis between Australia and Google, which threatens to leave Australia if it continues its project to force the giants of the digital sector to pay the media.

Microsoft prepared an “alternative plan” in the event that its rival, Google, implemented its threat. Its strategy to return to competition in the market of Internet browsers began many months ago, as its new browser “Microsoft Edge” became a strong competitor to the “Google Chrome” browser, after including the browser update in a month. May 2020 for Windows 10.

Microsoft is keen to add more features and improvements to the browser with each new update, and made clear changes to its “Bing” search engine, and renamed it “Microsoft Bing” on the main Bing page as well.

It seems that Google’s arrogance is heading towards recreating Microsoft’s old mistakes that caused it to lose the war with competitors, as it was on the throne of browsers after it removed Netscape completely from the market in 2008.

Microsoft fought a fierce war against Netscape that lasted for years, exploiting its control over computer operating systems to impose its “Internet Explorer” engine. It was even able to impose it on Apple as a default browser for its Mac devices until it seized the right moment for independence with its own browser, as it was forced to agree so that users would not abandon their devices in favor of the devices Other.

Microsoft has long ignored competitors with absolute arrogance, armed with the large numbers achieved by the growth of its browser, did not seriously study their steps and did not appreciate the strength of competitors who were working silently to seize the appropriate opportunity to announce the new product and bypass Internet Explorer very quickly.

A 3.6 percent of the Australian market share is owned by Microsoft’s “Bing” engine

Although Microsoft was able to gain users’ trust for a long time with the quality of what it offers in its browser, but once it provided poor copies to its browser, with quality alternatives, this confidence completely retreated to be replaced by severe discontent by users, and a loss of its place in the market.

Microsoft tried to improve its browser later, but the user had completely turned to competitors who provided a more reliable and quality service, which is the mistake that Google today underestimates the capabilities of competitors and makes room for taking its place in Australia because of its intransigence against the media, although it is one of the causes of its crisis through Its control over the advertising market.

According to the web analytics service “StatCounter”, “Bing” is the second most popular search engine in Australia, but it only has 3.6 percent of the market share, while Google says it owns 95 percent, and it uses this market share as a leverage on The government to backtrack on a law that requires it to negotiate with the media to determine how much it must pay for the content it displays on the search engine.

Microsoft will be this time supported by the power of the media that Google underestimates, and in addition to new improvements in its technologies, it is likely to deal a heavy blow to Google, especially as the anger of media institutions exceeds Australia and extends to all parts of the world in light of the current crisis exacerbated by the Corona epidemic.

“The Australian” newspaper reported that Microsoft President Satya Nadella discussed in his conversation with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison the possibility of developing Microsoft’s “Bing” search engine if Google stops its engine, saying that his group has developed an “alternative plan” to work with in the event of Google withdrawal. From the Australian market.


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