Google Photos update brings new video editing tools


This article was written by Sultan Al-Qahtani – Google has launched a new update for the Google Photos application, through which it provides some new tools aimed at supporting users in video editing.

The new Google Photos update comes with some of the features that were previously limited to Pixel phones or Google One subscribers, along with the tools that were previously available in the application such as rotation, video stabilization support and also adding some shapes and improvements, Google offers in this update more features.

Google adds, through this update to the Google Photos app, the video cropping feature, adding improvements and modifications to video content such as brightness, contrast, color saturation and color temperature, which are tools that support the user in editing video with better accuracy and performance.

Google also offers Google One users new features that were previously available to Pixel phone users only, which include Portrait Blur and Portrait Light features, as the work of these tools is based on artificial intelligence technology to add a blurry effect or brightness.

Google also introduces new Blur and Color Pop filters that support users in editing photos that do not include accurate details, and Google also offers Google One subscribers a dynamic suggestions feature that supports balance in image editing, and it also supports the user with suggestions to edit the sky in photos, including adjusting the colors and contrast Or highlight the sky in sunrise or sunset images.

It is reported that the new update of the Google Photos application is now available to users of the application on the iOS platform, and it is scheduled to be available to users on the Android platform in the coming weeks.



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