Google is developing a new generation of smartphones


According to technology sites, Google is currently working on developing a new generation of phones Pixel According to the leaks, the new phones will be modified versions of phones Pixel 4a 5G And Pixel Some of them will be able to work with 5G cellular networks.

Among the most prominent devices that are expected to be released by Google in the future will be a phone Pixel 5a، Which will get a dual-lens primary camera, a body with dimensions of (156.2 / 73.2 / 8.8) mm, and a screen OLЕD Capable of displaying + videosFull HD.This phone is also supposed to be equipped with a fingerprint scanner that will be installed on its backend, and on a front camera that deals with face recognition technologies. Google has not yet officially announced the date of the announcement of its new generation of phones, but some leaks indicate that these devices may be They appear in the second quarter of this year.

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