Google introduces tab groups in Chrome


Occurred a company Google is its Chrome web browser application for Android with a new interface to bring the new Tab Groups feature to help organize open web pages.

In September 2019, Google announced the addition of a convenient way to organize open tabs.

The Tab Groups feature was fully rolled out across desktop devices a year later, and it has now begun to access Chrome for Android with a new network design.

AndIt said: The new interface and functions have appeared for some users after the release of version 88 of Chrome last month, but it does not seem that it is available to everyone yet.

The new grid layout replaces the vertically arranged list of cards that stretched nearly the width of your screen, and is similar to the current iOS tab interface in Chrome.

Each tab is now significantly smaller, but you can see more of the page without being blocked by other cards.

And as before, the Favorite Icon, Page Name, and Close button appear at the top, while you can still swipe left or right to reject.

On most phones, about six tabs are displayed on the screen at one time. Due to this layout, Incognito websites no longer appear next to the regular tabs list.

Alternatively, the Incognito tabs can be accessed via a small icon at the top of the screen.

Tab Groups also give you a new shortcut to move between tabs in the same group via a menu that appears at the bottom of the app.

Within Android, you can organize tabs into groups from the network layout screen by dragging them to each other, and there are also options to form Tab Groups in the full list, in addition to the context menu that opens when you press for a long time to open a new tab.

Although reports note that the features started appearing last week, they don’t seem to be available to all Chrome users yet.

However, you can manually enable it via Chrome’s beta tags by going to chrome: // flags in the address bar, then search and enable the Tab Grid Layout, Tab Groups, Tab Groups Continuation, and Tab Groups UI Improvements options.


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