Google introduces improved sleep tracking tools for Android apps


The Android development team announced this week that it is moving to make the API for its low-power sleep tracking feature publicly available to third-party Android developers, and this simply means that developers will be able to create better sleep tracking apps, while not using much energy.

According to the Arab portal for technology news, many users resort to the phone, if there is no smartwatch, to monitor sleep habits, and although there is no shortage of applications that claim to perform the task, but not all of them are up to the task.

Google is looking to change that by making the low-power sleep tracking API available to the public.

The team says that when this API is in use, there are two ways in which users can see the data.

Data is reported in 10-minute intervals to applications, and users are then compiled as soon as the alert is detected.

According to Google, this announcement theoretically means that developers can now use the toolkit to upgrade existing services and create new Android apps that save more data, while preserving your phone’s battery life.

And if you are an Android developer, you can access the API in the latest version of Google Play Services.

And with the use of the API, you can see the Regular Sleep Confidence report every 10 minutes and a wider sleep sector report after wake detection.

And while the multiple sensor signals used by activity-tracking apps can damage your phone’s battery, Google says the sleep-tracking API focuses on the sleep detection process to boost performance.

Google explains that it has teamed up with the Sleep as Android app, which also provides features such as: smart results and sonars to track your sleep from a distance, to ensure it works properly.

To keep things up to date, Google is constantly working on fixing its sleep and wellness suite of programs, including Fit and Bedtime, but the expansion of the API for the sleep tracking feature is geared towards increasing options in its app store.

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