Google has not fixed the broken Stadia game after its developer has been fired


After weeks of cutting out game developers, it fixed The Google A critical bug in Journey to the Savage Planet on Stadia, the game was non-playable for some on the streaming platform, according to Eurogamer, as it was freezing in the main roster, and it arrived in Stadia in the beginning of February as a free gift to Stadia Pro subscribers.

A Redditor user raised the alarm about the problem the day after Google announced that it would close its indoor Stadia game development studios and end production.

First-party titles, game bought Journey to the Savage Planet, Developer of Typhoon Studios in 2019 to support the team.

Stadia redditor support told, u / lordubuntu, 505 Games will handle the issue, publisher brought a trip to Savage Planet To other platforms, although Google published it on Stadia, according to 505 Games, it could not address the problem because Google has

All game codes and data for the Stadia Edition.

A Stadia community manager named Grace responded to a thread Reddit On this issue, they apologized and said that Google is actively working with our partners to determine the fix.

The team has since disbanded Stadia The problem, Grace wrote: “Hey everyone, this issue should be resolved now. We thank you again for your patience, and please let us know if the problem persists on your part.”

The incident was the latest example of turmoil at Stadia, and along with the closure of its game development studios, the service is facing a class action lawsuit over allegations that the games do not function accurately 4K Real on the platform as promised.

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Source : Technology: Google has not fixed the broken Stadia game after its developer has been released


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