Golf legend Tiger Woods is in hospital after a “major” car accident.


Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva told a news conference a few hours after the accident that the injuries were not thought to threaten Woods’ life, adding that the golf star was conscious and “able to communicate” when rescue teams arrived..

Los Angeles County fire brigade chief Daryl Osby said Woods He sustained severe injuries to his legs and was initially classified as critical but stable. CNN reported that Woods sustained multiple fractures in his legs.

Carlos Gonzalez, a deputy police chief who was the first to arrive at the scene of the accident, described Woods as “calm and clear-headed,” and said he recognized him when Woods informed the officer that his name was “Tiger.”“.

Video footage is shown from The accident location Dark gray Woods’ car Genesis It is completely shattered, lying on its side down the hill with its windows shattered.

The Police Department said Woods, 45, who holds 15 titles in Major golf tournaments And one of the most prominent sports figures in the world, he was the only passenger in the car when it crashed at about 7:12 in the morning near the suburbs of Rolling Hills and Rancho Palos Verdes..

“Tiger Woods has suffered numerous leg injuries and is currently undergoing surgery, and we thank you for respecting privacy and support,” Woods agent Mark Steinberg said in a statement sent to Daniel Rappaport.“.

Villanueva said Woods’s car hit a tree and turned upside down several times after leaving the road..

The Police Department initially said a rescue tool known as “life jaws” was used to extract Woods from the wreck. Fire department officials later said rescuers had pulled Woods out of the car by removing its windshield.

Outstanding talent

Thanks to his success on the green lawn, Woods turned into a global star and entered an era full of multi-million dollar advertising contracts, spreading golf to an audience far beyond its traditional male, white and middle-class audiences..

It hosted Woods, the greatest of my players Golf In his generation, the annual Genesis International Championship at the weekend but he did not participate in it.

California-born Eldric “Tiger” Woods turned into a professional player in 1996 and won his first title on the American Tour of golf championships with only his fifth appearance. Woods has since redefined sport.

ودصدر وودز World ranking During a record 683 weeks in total, he won 14 major championships titles between 1997 and 2008.

After his career was derailed at times due to a series of injuries and personal problems, Woods won his 15th Grand Prix title at the 2019 Masters Championship, the fifth time he has won this tournament..

Woods is second behind Jack Nicklaus, the record holder of the number of major titles with 18 titles.


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