Golf legend in hospital after a terrible car accident


American golf legend Tiger Woods has been transferred to the hospital after suffering a traffic accident that resulted in “severe damage” to his car, according to the Los Angeles County Police Department.In a statement to the US media, his agent said that Woods, who was alone in the car at the moment of the accident, was pulled out of the wreckage by firefighters and paramedics, and had “multiple leg wounds.”

“He is currently undergoing surgery and we thank you for (respecting) your privacy and your support,” said Mark Steinberg.

Woods was taken to a local hospital for treatment after his car had capsized near Los Angeles without crashing into other cars.

Television footage showed the car lying on a piece of grass outside the road, with severe damage to its hood.

Woods is considered one of the most successful golfers of all time, winning 15 major tournaments.

The 45-year-old recently had a fifth back surgery, and he said he was not sure if he would be able to play in the next Masters tournament, which he won last time in 2019.

Woods made a stunning comeback from a series of injuries that threatened his career and overcame personal problems to win the Masters in 2019, winning his first major titles since the 2008 US Open.

Woods previously made headlines due to another traffic accident in late 2009 outside his luxurious Florida home, sparking a series of scandalous discoveries that shattered his marriage and caused his image to be tarnished.

Woods later divorced his Swedish wife, Ellen Nordgren, with whom he has two children, after a group of women reported to the media allegations of their relations with the golf legend, making him a valuable catch for yellow press around the world.

Woods underwent four back surgeries between 2014 and 2017.

And in May 2017, police stopped him near his home in Florida after he was sleeping behind the wheel of his car.

He claimed that he took a combination of prescription drugs and did not realize they were making him sleepy.

Woods pleaded guilty to a reckless driving charge and imposed a high and a community service penalty.


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