Global Health recommends the AstraZeneca vaccine for those over 65 years of age


Today, Wednesday, WHO experts confirmed the possibility of “using the AstraZeneca vaccine even with the outbreak of mutated versions of Corona,” according to “France Press”.

This decision comes after some European countries hesitated to distribute the British vaccine to the elderly, because the manufacturer did not provide them with the results of vaccine tests and studies at advanced ages.

In turn, Professor of Immunology and Vaccine Development Research at the Edward Jenner Institute at the University of Oxford, Dr. Ahmed Salman, confirmed in a previous interview with Al-Arabiya that the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine “targets people over 65 in the first place.”

And Salman, a member of the British Oxford – AstraZeneca vaccine development team, explained that “the more Corona infections, the virus mutated.”

He stressed that contracting vaccines should “not include intermediaries, but rather with accredited scientific bodies or government agencies responsible for these vaccines in the countries.”

He added that the immunity acquired from the vaccines is longer than the immunity of the recovered.

And he warned that “the damage will be greater than the disease, in the event that the vaccine is transferred or handled improperly by parties not authorized to deal with these vaccines.”


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