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General / Saudi newspapers / add a third, the Saudi Press Agency


General / Saudi newspapers / third addition

Wednesday 28/6/1442 AH corresponding to 10/02/2021 AD, SPA

“Al-Bilad” newspaper said in its editorial today, entitled (The March of Modernization): Once again, the Kingdom, in its prosperous era, under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz and His Crown Prince Prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz – may God preserve them – reaffirms the living will to modernize in Every field and high ability to achieve ambitious aspirations in keeping pace with global development that meets the requirements of life and contemporary changes in accordance with the provisions of Islamic law, and at the forefront of that regulations and legislations that enhance the Kingdom’s march and in the heart of it the human being and his quality of life within the comprehensive sustainable development which is the essence of concern and generous support for the present and future Homeland and citizen.
She added that the Crown Prince’s assertion was an embodiment that the Kingdom is proceeding according to serious steps in recent years towards developing the legislative environment, creating and reforming regulations that preserve rights, consolidate principles of justice and transparency, achieve comprehensive development, and enhance the Kingdom’s global competitiveness through clear and specific procedural and objective institutional references.
She concluded: This qualitative development system and the wave of new reforms will contribute to deepening the legislation of rights and bright values ​​for the path of the homeland and its elevation among nations in the human dimensions, and the achievement of the bright objectives affirmed by His Highness to raise the level of integrity and efficiency of the performance of the judicial organs and increase the reliability of procedures and control mechanisms, and so the Kingdom goes on. Moving forward towards achieving the best international standards in the promotion and protection of human rights, and translating the slogan “Human First” in word and deed.
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