Freestyle wrestling news: Christian reveals his stunts after appearing in the Royal Rumble


Christian – the superstar of freestyle wrestling

Sport 360- Reveal a legend Wrestling Christian says he’s planning a new fight after his surprise appearance at the Royal Rumble 2021 shows.

Christian appeared in 24th place during his confrontation with the Royal Rumble men, and continued in the ring for 18 minutes before Seth Rollins was able to oust him.

Did Christian pave the way for his appearance in WrestleMania?

After appearing on the show, Christian spoke about his future plans, and said in a television interview: “What is next for me ?, All I promise is an extra match.”

Last year, Christian spoke about the possibility of returning to the WWE fights, expressing his happiness at what he has achieved in the federation, saying: “I am very happy with what I have achieved in WWE. Have they had a chance to do that? ”

Christian’s suggestion opened the door to the idea of ​​participating in the Rasmlinia Show 37, which will be held next month, in order to possibly conclude his career in the world of wrestling, which was badly damaged by his concussion several years ago.

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