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Omar Shweil – Jeddah Free Fire ، Free Fire game One of the most famous Battle Royale games in the entire Arab world, and the game works on all different devices such as Android and iPhone mobiles and also computers. free fire game Basically on his virtual currency used to buy items for the game that are named in the Arab countries as ( Jewels (This currency is very important for players, whether professional or novices, because through it, add-ons to the game can be purchased such as, the purchase of battle cards known as ( False Bass ) And also buy skins, weapons, and costumes for the characters, as well as shipping the seasons, and today through Thaqafni website we will introduce you to the best tried and guaranteed ways to ship jewels Free Fire With millions of free gems, follow me for details.

Free Fire

Lots of players are looking for ways Charging Free Fire Gems Free due to the importance of its presence while playing because without Charging Free Fire Gems The player does not feel the enjoyment, because the presence of jewels shortens the way for players to reach the level of professionalism and stay in the game for a longer period and reach the final stages in the game, but they always find it difficult to get those jewels even after you perform many tasks, you will not get enough number Of jewelry Free Fire Games To buy what you want from the game.

A reliable way of charging gems for Free Fire

There are many ways to charge the game jewels Garina Free Fire Also, there are many sites, some of them are false and others are honest, so we will offer you the best tried and trusted ways to charge gems in a game Free Fire Easily and in an official way, by id and without completing offers, points collection offers, programs and profit codes, applications, and also without money and without a phone number, and also without a band, through this method you will get a lot of different housing, and at many levels that Make you stand out in Free Fire, and that’s how Charging Free Fire Gems :

  • First, you must click on the place of the gems at the top of the game as shown in the picture, and it is in the form of a blue gem, and its value will be zero, so do not worry at all.

  • Go to the official page, and choose the shipping amount for Free Fire Gems and the amount you want to pay for the gems.
  • Then choose the amount you want, preferably in the beginning to experiment in a small amount so that you do not waste your money.

  • Choose the payment method through Google Play, as it is one of the best safe payment methods.
  • You will see a message below, you just have to link your Gmail account.

  • Then click on the (continue) button.
  • Choose the payment method by (pay with free codes or redeem code).

  • This was the most official and foolproof way to get free fire gems.

Other ways to get free fire gems for free 2021

  • The first method (through friends) is one of the most popular methods of obtaining Free Fire Jewels And also obtaining the skins, by charging his balance with jewels and sending the other’s friend jewels in the form of various gifts.
  • The second method is (via YouTuber). There are many channel owners on YouTube by offering some competitions through which you can Get free fire gems for free , But you must verify the reliability of this YouTuber.
  • The third method, which is (via codes), this method is somewhat difficult, because it requires you to follow up daily to search for these codes, noting that there are millions of players who are also searching for these codes, but some obtaining these codes go to specific sites to convert them into gems .

Now we may have reached the end of this article, in which we have provided you with more than one way to ship jewels Free Fire Lots of gems to help you play and survive as long as possible.

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