Ford pledges to stop selling conventional fuel cars in Europe by 2030



Posted on: Thursday 18 February 2021 – 10:38 AM | Last update: Thursday, February 18, 2021 – 10:38 am

The American automaker Ford Motor has pledged that all its sales in Europe by 2030 will be from electric cars, indicating that it intends to invest one billion dollars to modernize its car assembly plant in the German city of Cologne as part of the plan to reach this goal.

It was Ford, the second largest car manufacturer in the United States.

And earlier this month, it announced its intention to invest at least 22 billion dollars in various parts of the world to develop and produce electric cars until 2025, which is almost double the value of its previous investments in the field of electric cars.

Ford said it has pledged that all passenger cars it sells in Europe by mid-2026 will be able to run without carbon scales, whether fully electric or hybrid, with all sales of electric cars by 2030.

Ford added that all of its commercial vehicles will be able to run without exhaust, whether they are electric or hybrid, by 2024, with two thirds of its sales of commercial vehicles electric or hybrid by 2030.

The new investment by Ford in Germany aims to convert the car assembly plant in Cologne into an electric vehicle manufacturing center, to be the first of its kind for the American company in Europe.

Ford also confirmed that the plant will produce the first European-made electric car for European customers in 2023, with the possibility of thinking about producing a second electric car in it.


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