Five common symptoms of cancer that we overlook


Cancer is usually difficult to diagnose early, because some common symptoms do not cause any problem or general weakness and the like. That is why people overlook it.

Express notes that the doctors who participated in a survey conducted by the journal, revealed five unexpected symptoms of tumor growth, which the vast majority of people do not care about.

Among these five symptoms: difficulty swallowing food, which may indicate esophageal cancer, drooping eyelids, which indicates the growth of a tumor in the lungs, hoarseness, and laryngeal cancer.

Doctors recommend that you consult a specialist in the event that the flatulence does not go away, because this may indicate ovarian cancer. Pay attention to the color of urine: the dark brown color may indicate pancreatic cancer, while the reddish color of urine may be caused by kidney, bladder or prostate cancer.

It is reported that the famous Russian doctor, Alexander Miasnikov, had previously announced that blood clots formed, may indicate cancer. Therefore, he advised, in the event of a blood clot, to undergo a comprehensive examination to determine its cause and rule out cancer.

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