FilGoal | News | Ismail Youssef: A big difference between Zamalek in front of the clearinghouse and against Mahalla


Ismail Youssef, the former star of Zamalek, believes that the team’s performance in front of Ghazl El Mahalla is very different from its recent confrontation against Egypt for clearing, which is the reason for the loss in the eleventh round of the league.

Zamalek lost the match against Ghazl El Mahalla, 1-2, despite the white lead in the 69th minute through Ferjani Sassi, so the team lost its first match in the league.

Ismail Youssef said on Zamalek TV: “A big difference between the team’s performance in front of the clearinghouse and against Mahalla, in today’s match there was a great urgency.”

“Al-Tawfiq missed the players, and the only correct cross ended with a goal by Ferjani Sassi.”

Youssef added, “Zamalek conceded two goals due to the excessive rush, which led to the rebound in Mahalla in the counter-attacks.”

He stressed, “I think Jaime Pacheco should have changed Ferjani Sassi after receiving the first yellow card, because it was dangerous to continue.”

Sassi was sent off in the 86th minute after receiving a second yellow card in 13 minutes.

Ismail Youssef concluded his remarks, “The team must address mistakes quickly in order to correct the bleeding points.”


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