Fighter intends to lose at gunpoint (video)


Fighter intends to lose at gunpoint (video)

Brazilian Leonardo Barbosa had a deliberate loss in his fight against his Afghan rival, Ahmed Wali Houtak, in the “Truly Grand Fighting Championship” that was held in Afghanistan, due to his being threatened.

Barbosa fell to the arena in the second round after receiving a knee blow in the abdomen, pretending to be suffering from severe pain, forcing the referee to intervene and stop the fight announcing the Brazilian’s loss by a technical knockout.

Barbosa admitted that he had fallen deliberately, as he had been threatened in the changing room by a man armed with a pistol, which the fighter later saw near the cage during the fight.

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“I gave up fighting. In the second round, different thoughts were spinning in my head. I have a son and a family. (The man) kept screaming sharply. He approached the cage between the first and second rounds and started saying something similar when He said it in the changing room, but more sharply. ”

He added: “I was superior in the fight, I won the first round, and my opponent had a broken nose, and the next day I needed surgery, and I think I was going to win, but I felt that I couldn’t do anything in this confrontation.”

Leonardo Barbosa arrived in Afghanistan without his business manager, and his scan to detect the Coronavirus came out positive.

The promoter of the “Truly Grand Fighting Championship” has offered to mixed martial arts “MMA” the Brazilian fighter to fight a retaliatory battle in Dubai, UAE, next May.

Source: Agencies


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