Female Doctor: You should “drink” stress, not “eat” it


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Female doctor: You should


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Dr. Zahra Pavlova, an endocrinologist, points out that stressful situations cannot be faced even by eating healthy food, but rather we should drink them with water or dilute them with physical activity.

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“Eating stress,” she adds, is a classic mistake many make. Because it leads to digestive upset, even if we try to compensate for the stressful situation with healthy food.

She says, “Anger stimulates the desire to eat. Even if we eat tension with healthy food today, it may not be within reach tomorrow, and we have to resort to fast foods such as hamburger and the like.”

According to her, stress must therefore be “drunk” and not “eaten.” Because plain water is the best alternative and more effective than any meal.

“When we” drink “stress, she says,” we cut the logic chain, to stimulate the brain to the adrenal glands in a state of tension, to produce the stress hormone “cortisol” because when we drink water, this relationship breaks down and the hormone will not be produced.

She adds, exercise can also be used, which is a natural protection from stress.

“When a person is nervous, they start walking. This is a defensive reaction, which can be stimulated consciously on purpose. Because when we do any physical activity, the level of stress decreases,” she says.

Source: Novosti


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