Farah Youssef introduces the clip “Zay Warda”, signed by Muhammad Rifai and Ahmed Ibrahim


The singer Farah Youssef, the star of the Arab Idol program, released her latest video clip, called “Zi Warda”, from the words and melodies of Mohamed Rifai, who presented it in a different and new way, distributed by Ahmed Ibrahim and produced by Lifestyle Studios, and directed by Adel Sarhan.

Farah Youssef 2

Farah Youssef 3

The song’s lyrics say:

I picked you like a flower and planted you in the air of my heart. The eyes of the heart see you, I see love is a paradise. I live in it. I live in rivers of pure love. You alone have everything in it, because you are in it. I don’t see you in the eyes of the heart.

Farah Youssef’s last song was the song “Belize”, which is written by Bandar Belhamer, composed by Ahmed Seif and arranged by George Yaqoub. May I fear your love for adobe and your love for what repent.


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