Families of American victims killed by Saudi bullets suing the kingdom


Washington / Siham Al-Khouli / Anatolia

The families of American victims who were shot by a Saudi lieutenant at a military base in Florida, USA, in 2019, filed a lawsuit against the kingdom.

Lawyers for the plaintiffs said in a statement that American families hold Saudi Arabia “responsible for that attack,” according to the newspaper, “The Wall Street Journal,” Tuesday.

They added that their clients consider “it is not possible that the kingdom did not know that Lieutenant Muhammad Al-Shamrani was an extremist.”

They also made it clear that Al-Shamrani “underwent, as is supposed, a comprehensive investigation when he joined the Royal Saudi Air Force.”

They pointed out that Al-Shamrani’s extremism and his anti-Americanism “was publicly disclosed on an account in his name on Twitter,” according to Al-Sadr himself.

In the context, the lawyers stressed in their statement that this officer, despite his declared feelings against the Americans, “was chosen from among hundreds of students of the Military Academy to obtain a scholarship, to participate in a training course in the United States.”

On December 6, 2019, Al-Shamrani, who was 21 at the time, fired a pistol at American soldiers during a semester at the US naval base in Pensacol. As a result, three people were killed and eight others were wounded, before he was shot dead by police.
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